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Society calls for integrity. National revival calls for integrity, and integrity requires teachers to pass on. One of my colleagues, Mr. Cao, who just took part in the work, had such an unforgettable experience: During the internship, Xiao Cao��s instructor was a gentle and beautiful woman, and she was a good faithful student for decades. The model, surnamed Wu, retired in half a year. Teacher Wu was particularly reassured by Xiao Cao. In order to let her master the learning situation of the students, all the assignments were given to her for correction. On the day of the student's homework, the student was changed on the same day, so that the students could correct the mistakes in time. Teacher Wu passed this practice to Xiao Cao. However, one morning, just after the homework was collected, I had not had time to correct it. Xiao Cao was called back to the school to sort out the graduation thesis. At noon, Teacher Wu called: "Xiao Cao, where did you put the student's homework?" Xiao Cao suddenly remembered his mistake and said: "The homework is placed in the third grid at the bottom left of the desk. I haven't changed it yet. Sorry, I will be back soon." "Nothing, you are busy with you, homework, I am going to change." Teacher Wu and said that the class has 63 homework, each time you have to change more than one hour... think of it, small Cao decided to go back. When I walked into the office, I saw that Teacher Wu took the homework far and wide, and looked hard and serious. A pile of homework on the left hand side is stacked high, in stark contrast to several changed jobs on the right hand side. When I saw Xiao Cao coming, Teacher Wu was embarrassed to say: "It��s not so good when you are old, and your eyes are not so good Online Cigarettes." Xiao Cao worked hard, changed his mind more than half, and changed his mind and chat with Teacher Wu: With so many homework, why not send it to students tomorrow? You are so tired of changing so many homework every day!" "I am used to it. When I was young, I told myself and my students that the day of the day was changed. As long as I have promised the students, I ask myself to do it. The children are particularly good at remembering, but you can't do what they promised. They will always remember, and then they will say what they do and they will not believe. Besides, we are teachers, teach students to promise others to do things, we must do this ourselves, or students will have opinions in their hearts Marlboro Red." I heard that Xiao Cao was particularly moved because of this age. It is justifiable to relax on my own Carton Of Cigarettes, but Teacher Wu has always adhered to her commitment. Integrity teachers are naturally loved by students. Children especially like Wu, because Wu never lie to them; children are also very afraid of Teacher Wu, because their teacher Wu said. During class, most of the children can follow Wu��s rhythm to learn and think; after class, the children sometimes whisper around Mr. Wu. This harmonious teacher-student relationship is particularly enviable. To be a teacher of lifelong integrity, it is easier said than done. It is gratifying to note that Teacher Wu has done it and Xiao Cao will do it. Anyone who speaks, believes in the first, swindles and swears, is awkward. Since the words are spoken, you must do it. Deception and nonsense can't be done. Especially for those who are teachers, we must pay special attention to the demonstration effect of honesty, because there are many pairs of pure eyes watching, there are many heads in the imitation of teachers is the object of student reverence, is a model for students to learn. From teaching integrity, to demonstrating, to educate students in a subtle way, to inspire students, to infect students, naturally infiltrate the core values. Thousands of students who have been in good faith have become honest citizens. Why can't they build a city of integrity? The dream of He Lu��s national rejuvenation cannot be realized? "People don't believe Newport 100S, they don't know what they are." If a person can't do it with integrity, other values ??will be difficult to practice. Honesty is the premise of cultivating and practicing the core values ??of socialism, and the teacher is a textbook of honesty and integrity. It is a living teaching material. I am proud of Teacher Wu mokingusacigarettes.com. I am proud of Xiao Cao because I saw the embarrassment of the two men and the teacher. Ray of light

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