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In the thousands of words, it seems to be intentional, seemingly unintentional, to find this beautiful words, like a close relationship between lovers, so beautiful, not careful to explore, actually reminiscent of a woman's soft life, she from the smoke and rain Jiangnan Come, cross the rain alleys of the building, it is so slow, so soft, into the eyes of the world, but also into the hearts of many talented people, so moving, so profound, unforgettable Xu Zhimo once said: I will look for my only soul mate in the vast sea of ??people, I am fortunate, no, my life. Even if there is Zhang Youyi, the wife who is married to her parents, but he is lonely, he can not get the soul resonance between her lover. He was looking for, finally, at the home of friends in a foreign country, he was moved. Lin Huiyin, such an aura girl broke into his heart lake like this, and his heart was awkward. Putting aside the feudal marriage bondage and leaving the age gap, he and she fell in love. Without words, they are sympathetic. For such lovers who are connected with their own hearts, they love to be careful, but they also love hard. After all, they lived up to it, lived up to the time, and lived up to that love. "Your eyes are looking, I am constantly talking, but I still haven't answered, a piece of silence, always keep my soul." This is Lin Huiyin's last response to this love, very rational, rational to let that The talented person can no longer stay Cigarettes For Sale, everything, his life always said, Lin Huiyin, let Xu Zhimo think about his life, let Liang Sicheng love his life, let Jin Yuelin silently remember his life. Yes, why are they not thinking about her life for a lifetime? No one has lived up to the love of anyone Wholesale Cigarettes, and no one owes anyone. She is a poet, writing beautiful poems with delicate emotions; she is a master of architecture, sketching out exquisite designs with rational hearts; treating her friendship, she is sincere Treating love, she is rational; she treats her career, she is rigorous. Can't deny that she is a bright woman, a talented woman who was so eager for men in that era. She is the legendary woman who was deified in this era. She can't erase the imprint that she walked through because of her understanding. Therefore, the Republic of China was a scattered drama. When the fireworks were smashed, it turned into dust and dust. Those people and those things were buried under the dust. However, the woman, wearing a plain cheongsam, plain and elegantly walked slowly from the smoke, passed the season reincarnation, leaving behind, is the endurance of her beautiful life, intriguing Zhang Ailing, such a woman, born in After the moon and the full moon, before the death of the autumn moon, it is doomed, her life and the autumn moon, and the sadness and sorrow. She once said: "When a woman falls in love with a man, such as giving a woman a glass of poisonous wine, she willingly drink it in one of the most beautiful postures, and all the hearts are handed out, life and death!" Love, like this Beautiful things, cute on Hu Lancheng, she became very low and low, so low in the dust, so clear and cold people, how deep love, in order to make her so wrong, even if the man has a wife Even in the face of the world's finger pointing. He loved her, and he loved it, but he couldn't get rid of his heart Online Cigarettes. His irresponsibility, "willing to make the years calm, the world is stable", the promise of beauty is only a flash in the pan, their flower of love is also It was quickly withered in the wind and rain. "Unfortunately, love in real life is not so equal. When you love more and pay more, you will find yourself humble!" In this way, she made the final love for her own love. Annotation, it��s so thorough, but it��s so stinging Marlboro Cigarettes, the heart of the people is hurting. She is the watering person in the world of the Republic of China, but her heart, expecting, looking forward, but that is the world. Peaceful, but after all, no one can afford it, and she is tired, too tired to love so deeply, her body, too tired, her heart, too tired, she is a squad, Witnessed the defeat of the fallen aristocracy; she is a writer, drawing a beautiful language with a lonely heart; for the mother's abandonment, for Hu Lancheng's abandonment, she said, because of understanding, so compassion. No complaints, no hate, just live a cold life. Can't deny that she is a legendary woman, time flies, she can't go to her bit by bit Cheap Cigarettes.

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